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The Greater Serengeti

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Forming part of the Serengeti ecosystem, this area is located outside the Serengeti National Park and comprises private wildlife conservancies and concession areas. Protection of these privately 'owned' wildlife sectors relies heavily on the Maasai land owners, stakeholders (owners of the lodges and camps located within the conservancies) and the local tourism sectors. Conservation fees are charged per night to guarantee admission to these areas and also facilitate towards the maintenance of these areas. Other perks include the accessibility to additional activities within these areas, e.g. night game drives, bush walks, bush meals, ATV in the wild, cycling in the wild, which are limited or not allowed within the main Serengeti National Park. It is imperative to note that in order to access the Serengeti National Park, admission fees would be paid at both the conservancy and at the national park for the day(s) both destinations are accessed.

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