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Ngare Ndare Forest

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Ngare Ndare is Maasai for “goats water.” The Forest is the main corridor between Mount Kenya and Lewa Conservancy. It is the only indigenous forest in Kenya with an expanding Forest cover, and some of the ancient African olive and red cedar trees within it are thought to be around 200 years.

Canopy Walk

The canopy walkway is a 40 foot high aerial bridge of wire mesh and cables meandering through the tree canopy and extending 450 metres long. At its end, you can relax and enjoy a view of the river from this elevated vantage point, from where it is also common to see elephants, buffalo and wild dogs.

Waterfalls and Pools

The Ngare Ndare river emanates from springs in the forest and creates crystal clear pools and waterfalls of varying size and intensity over and over again; 7 times in total. This place was definitely made to satisfy the human soul.

Swimming and diving are permitted at the river for those willing to chance the chilly waters. The temperature in Nanyuki, home to Mount Kenya, can go to as low as 13 degrees Celsius at night averaging at 19 degrees Celsius during the day.

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