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Lewa Conservancy

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Also known as Lewa Downs, the conservancy is located in Meru County, south of Isiolo town. The conservancy was formed in 1995 and covers 250 sqkm which also incorporates the Ngare Ndare Forest.

Lewa is home to the rare and endangered black rhinos standing at 11% of the Kenyan population of black rhinos. Additionally, Lewa boasts hosting the largest population of Grevy zebras in the world.

It also includes the big five as well as aardvark, cheetah, giraffe, hartebeest, hippo, hyena, Colobus monkey, white rhino, wild dog, plain zebra; various species of bats, primates, antelope etc.

400 bird species including the Somali Ostrich, the Kori Bustard, and the breathtaking Lilac Breasted Roller can also be found in the conservancy.

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