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Kigali Memorial Centre

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A commemoration of the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the memorial is home to remains of over 250,000 people buried in mass graves in lots of 100,000.

Aegis Trust, a British NGO founded in the year 2000 to prevent genocide worldwide, manages the Centre on behalf of the CNLG (National Commission of the Fight Against Genocide). Aegis Trust was invited to actualize the idea after the Kigali City Council had briefly began the construction in the year 2000.

Kigali Genocide Memorial is amongst six in the country including:

·        Murambi Memorial Centre

·        Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre

·        Ntarama Genocide Memorial Centre

·        Nyamata Genocide Memorial Centre

·        Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial Centre

At the Kigali Memorial, the buried remains were compiled from all over the capital’s streets and rivers where they had been dumped.

History Highlight

In the year 1994, a systematic mass murder within Rwanda was orchestrated by the Hutus, to their neighbours the Tutsis, believed to have been associated to tribal-based ethnic violence. The number of people killed is widely accepted to be somewhere close to a million. Nothing was done to stop the mass killings.

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