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Hukuru Misikiy

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Located in Male, it is also known as the Old Friday Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Maldives, and a national monument at that. It was constructed in 1658 by Maldives' first Muslim Sultan, Mohamed Bin Abdullah, who needed a larger mosque as the previous one was too small for the growing number of devotees.

The mosque was constructed with coral boulders, which also saw its entrance into the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 2008 as a distinct example of sea-culture architecture. Coral was the most suitable material, aside from it being found in plenty within the Maldives as it is easily moulded when wet, and turns into strong building blocks once it dries up.

Permission to access the sight from an official of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs is required for non-Muslims. Conservative dress codes and interested admission outside prayer times are opportune factors to facilitate granting of permission.

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