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Hells Gate National Park

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The park sits on 68.25 sqkm in the vicinity of Lake Naivasha. Its geography and landscape architecture is a site to ogle at. The 1994 released Lion King movie’s main environment was modeled from this park, having some of its lead crew members visit the park for inspiration. Additionally, Lara Croft’s 2003 film, Tomb Raider (The cradle of life), was shot on location in this park.



Wildlife in the park include the African buffalos, zebras, elands, hartebeests, Thomson’s gazelles, baboons and over 100 bird species including vultures, Verreaux’s eagles, augur buzzards and swifts. Rare lammergeier vultures (the bearded vulture), as well as the Chandler’s mountain reedbuck and the klipspringer antelope also call the park home.


One thing that sets Hell’s gate apart from other parks is that visitors can explore the park cycling or on foot.  

Rock Climbing

The main site for rock climbing at the park is the Fischer’s tower named after German explorer, Gustav Fischer. The tower came into being as a result of volcanic activity.

Gorge Hiking

Also known as Ol Njorowa Gorge, is a narrow sandstone which was sculpted by water and light. The gorge is 24km in length with beautifully crafted cliffs and takes at least an hour and a half to traverse.


At the Olkaria geothermal spa, the largest natural spa on the continent. Brine (wet steam) is injected into the pool after it cools ensuring warm temperatures are maintained in the pool, a heavenly swim as would be described by many visitors. The pool is only 1.5 metres deep and also has a baby pool section for kids. The water in the pool has many health and skin benefits.

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