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Fort Jesus

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Built between 1593 and 1596, this fortress is a major landmark in Mombasa and a historical monument signifying the outstanding Portuguese military tactics towards protecting the port of Mombasa back in the 16th century. The fort sits on 2.36 hectares and is built over a spur of coral rock.

After the Portuguese, Fort Jesus changed many hands in its history being captured and recaptured a record nine times alternating between Arabs, Swahili, English and Portuguese control. Cultures and artifacts of these four groups of people are treasured and displayed in the Fort. The fort was designed with a layout that maps the human body and how it works together to operate biologically, exemplifying the same functions of different structures of the forts design meeting the objective of a well-defended fortification.

Fort Jesus has retained its authenticity in its form, design and materials; coral and lime mortar used for repairs. Location-wise, it has also retained its authenticity being located adjacent to ‘The Old Town’, an important neighbor rich to Fort Jesus’ history.

Fort Jesus is operated and Managed by the National Museums of Kenya.

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