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Situated in central Uganda on a peninsula close to Lake Victoria, Entebbe hosts Uganda's largest and main international airport and is thus considered a connecting hub across Uganda.

It is charmingly the prettiest town along Lake Victoria, heavily wooded (lots of trees) within it and hosts a botanical gardens park with its lawn trickling down to the edge of the water. The lake can be seen by a glimpse all around the peninsula in between the trees. Birds and close encounters with the black and white colobus monkeys can be sighted and experienced in the park.

Ngamba Chimpanzee Island is another highlight of your visit to Entebbe. It was established as a chimpanzee sanctuary in 1998 where 19 orphaned chimpanzees were brought in from a life in captivity. The island's rainforest habitat and the fact that it was uninhabited prior to erecting the sanctuary, were conducive factors leading to settling for the destination as it offers a similar environment identical to that of chimpanzees.

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