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Borana Conservancy

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The 142 sqkm conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya, became a whole lot more attractive in 2014 when they tore down the fence that separated it with the Lewa conservancy. The two areas now shares the same conservation area which is home to 14% of Kenya’s rhino population and the endangered grevy’s zebra. The conservancy is additionally home to over 40 lions and large herds of migratory elephants.

The conservancy is not short of cheetah, leopard, giraffe, impala, plains zebra, buffalo and more than 400 bird species’ sightings.


The Borana safari is one of the most thrilling, authentic and unique experience encountering Kenya’s wildlife and wilderness. Walking through the bush, paragliding for perfect vulture sightings, riding on ranch horses or mountain bikes are one of the extra experiences in addition to viewing wildlife in the open-top vehicles.

Borana lodge is self-sustainable thanks to the start of the Kabati Regenerative Farm, sandwiched in between Borana and Lewa Conservancies, where they produce fruits, vegetables and beef.

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