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824,292 sqkm
Capital city:


The driest country in sub-Saharan Africa, hosting the world's oldest desert, 'Namib Desert,' sits in the southern part of Africa with the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Botswana to the East, South Africa to the south and Zambia and Angola to the north.

In spite of the apparent desolation of some of its landscapes, Namibia boasts extensive wildlife that has evolved to survive the harsh arid climate, with desert-adapted elephant, lion and black rhino being amongst the safari highlights.

Additionally, the nation has also attracted extreme sports such as skydiving, sand boarding and off-roading.

Sights to visit

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Currency used

Namibian Dollar (NAD)

Languages spoken

Oshiwambo, Khoekhoegowab, Rukwangali, Otijeherero, Afrikaans, English.

Best time to travel

June to September