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Lamu Archipelago

6,273 sqkm
Capital city:
Lamu Archipelago


Lamu is a collection of over 65 islands that form the Lamu Archipelago found on the northern coast of Kenya. The islands are known for their rich historical, cultural and ecological diversity which has gone on to have the area recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lamu has some of the richest marine life on the Kenyan coastline and has two national reserves that are home for a variety of mammals and birdlife. Pate Island is the largest island and is almost entirely surrounded by mangroves.

The island is full of rich history visible in its impressive ruins-remnants of bygone wars with the Portuguese and Arabs. Manda Island is a hidden jewel of a culture and people seemingly frozen in time. It’s only now that the island has begun to feel the touch of development, but even so its expansive beach remains a haven for travelers seeking beautiful seclusion. Visitors will enjoy the charming local fishing village; boat rides to historical ruins and a turtle conservation project cared for by locals.

Currency used

Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Languages spoken

Swahili, English, and local Bantu languages.

Best time to travel

August to March