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580,367 sqkm
Capital city:


Located in East Africa, Kenya is perfect for extraordinary experiences in wildlife safaris, nature expeditions, and cultural diversity, tours of heritage and historical sites and relaxed holidaying. The country’s wildlife conservancies, reserves, game parks and six world heritage sites capture the state’s wondrous cultural, historical, natural and archaeological beauty. Moreover, one of the world’s seven wonders-the wildebeest migration-takes place right here and experiencing it up close is probably one of life’s unmatched experiences.

The country’s dynamic typography offers visitors their pick of destinations from magical coasts, gullying Rift Valley, mountainous highlands, vast savannah and breath taking lakes. The wealth of diversity extends the 47 ethnic groups that call Kenya home. Travelers can soak in this cultural beauty by spending a night in a Maasai village and enjoy their infamous nyama choma (indigenous barbecue), participate in a traditional naming ceremony or exchange wedding vows in a traditional Turkana wedding ceremony.

Currency used

Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Languages spoken

Swahili, English and over 60 native languages

Best time to travel

July to October